If you have never used a WoW Quest Helper program then you are probably as curious as I was about what they really do to help players level faster.

The key thing to remember is that in order to use a WoW Quest Helper program to power level a World Of Warcraft toon it has to have a few features that make them effective.

The most important things to me are that they focus on solo quests as questing is without a doubt the fastest way to level and solo questing eliminates the frustration of having to put a group together to simply move on in leveling.

Group quests can be done at any time and I personally go back and knock them out after I achieve level 80 because they offer good gold rewards at that point.

The other thing I look for in a WoW Quest Helper program is that it will allow you to start at any racial starting area and it works through multiple areas to make sure you are also working on reputations while leveling.

This is not as important in the new Northrend areas as your reputations are built through using faction tabards in any level 80 dungeons to build those reputations.

You want to make sure that your chosen WoW Quest Helper program not only guides you through those well rewarded solo quests but also routes you back to the quest givers for turn in before moving on to the next series
of quests.

So how do these WoW Quest Helper programs really work?

They are essentially addons that install into the World of Warcraft user interface and provide in game routing via descriptions, guides and directional arrows to guide you rapidly through a series of quests to gain large blocks of experience. This is without a doubt the fastest way to level a toon to 80.

I have used several of these programs and can tell you that the leveling time is much faster than any player could possibly get to level 80 questing on their own without an addon.

Being able to reduce the amount of time it takes to figure out what quests to accept, how to get them done and turned in allows for more time doing other things in the game like professions, battlegrounds and raid groups.

This was important to me because before having any WoW Quest Helper program I found that my limited playing time was spent completely on trying to level. This led me to become frustrated with the game as i was not having very much fun playing.

Considering that we spent a good chunk of money on World of Warcraft, all the upgrades like Burning Crusade and Lich King as well as the $15 a month fee, it is important to me that I get the most out of the gaming time I do have.

I also found that for children who struggle to figure things out in the game a good quest helper can make the gaming experience much more enjoyable for them as well.