Quest Helper programs are in game leveling guides for World Of Warcraft. today there are some pretty awesome Quest Helper programs you can use to level any toon.

There are a couple things you want to look for in an in game program:

1. Provides quest help in all WoW racial starting areas. This is important because you want to be able to start using your program no matter what race you select.

2. Provides complete questing details as well as a directional arrow to guide you from start to finish.

3. Works with current WoW version. Many of the better Quest Helper programs not only provide constant updates but they also provide great support and a member forum to get questions answered.

4. You can use the program no matter your level. The best programs allow you to start the guide in any level range allowing you to use it with toons you have already been working as well as new toons.

These Quest Helper programs are the fastest way to level because they are designed for solo leveling by doing quests which is proven to be the fastest way to level in World of Warcraft.

The way they work is by guiding you with the use of directional arrows and quest help instructions to pick up and complete multiple quests and then direct you back to turn them in and move to the next area.

Many people have tried the free quest helper programs
only to find out that they not only do not provide the requirements outlined above but they also continually stop working, use way too much memory resources as well as provide no more information than Blizzard already gives you.

There is no direction as far as where to go to quest for a certain level range or what quests are the best for you to complete.

The premium Quest Helper programs are designed to make use of the most effective quests for power leveling and eliminate those that are deemed time wasters because they do not provide good reward or experience for the time spent.

Many new players become frustrated with WoW because they seem to hit a leveling wall where it takes a long time to get just one level. This is mainly because of the limited playing time we have to play the game.

The other factor is the time wasted trying to figure out how to complete a quest and where you should go to quest for leveling next.

A great quest helper program eliminates these frustrations and allows you to make the most of limited playing time. You can cut your leveling time to 80 down to days of playing time instead of weeks or months it takes most players to get there.

Considering the time and money spent playing World Of Warcraft a good Quest Helper program is without a doubt the best investment you can make into enjoying the game alot more.

This is how I see it but I have been using these programs for quite awhile now so it makes sense to me.