Have you seen this thing called Shortcut To Internet Millions by Jeff Paul?

I want to tell you what I know about Shortcuts To Internet Millions from a guy who has been running an online business for a little over two years now.

There are no Shortcuts To Internet Millions...The End.

Ok seriously, let's get into this thing...

This informercial basically states that you can get rich very quickly on the internet without doing anything at all. I am not making this stuff up, if you watch the thing that is what Jeff Paul is saying.

Here is what he is not saying..

There is no possible way to have a website on the internet or any other kind of content online that makes you money without people visiting it. It does not matter if you are selling something or getting paid for people clicking on advertisements like Adsense ads. No people means no money.

Jeff Pauls Shortcuts To Internet Millions is going to give you something like 10 free websites that are supposedly going to bring you in these internet millions.

Who is bringing the people to these websites so you can make money? You certainly are not doing it because Jeff Paul says you do not have to do anything at all to make money with his system.

So here comes the upsell. What you are not told is that Shortcuts
To Internet Millions is missin a piece called visitor traffic which is a premium service you have to pay extra to get.

That is the follow up phone call to try and get you for thousands of dollars after you pay the small fee to get the program.

Yes this program does come with a money back guarantee but like any other offering they are probably banking that most people are too lazy to even try and get their money back. Which is true in most cases.

Now we know there really are no Shortcuts To Internet Millions, let's talk about a real way to make money online.

Oddly enough it is the business I have and it is the model that the Jeff Paul system is based. The difference is there is a real and honest way for anyone to get started and make money online without spending all of that money.

The business is called affiliate marketing or partnering. You sign up to free programs offered by small and major companies alike and receive commissions for sending folks to their sites to buy their products or services.

Systems like the one by Jeff Paul are marketed based on a persons fear of having to create a website. This is an old fear that may have existed 10 years ago because it used to be complicated to make a website or content online.

These days it is the easiest thing to do online. The hard part is the part they want you to spend thousands of dollars on. Getting people to visit your sites.