Baker skateboard is a company, which was started by two skateboard experts called Andrew Reynolds and Jay Strickland. You could say they are true Baker skateboarders who have made Baker a huge success and have worked diligently since the year 2000, regardless of all the ups and downs the company had to face. The Baker Company had started off by manufacturing decks and wheels but now they are providing all types of skateboarding products to satisfy all you hungry skateboarders out there. The Baker company products are not only reliable but are also easy to fit and they give long lasting results.

The Baker Company has two sets of teams running it. One is the professionals’ team in which the names of the members are:

• Andrew Reynolds
• Kevin Long
• Bryan Herman
• Jim Greco
• Terry Kennedy
• Dustin Dollin
• Erik Ellington
• Braydon Szafranski
• Jeff Lenoce
• Leo Remero

The other is an amateur team which consists of:

• Justin Figueroa
• Antwuan Dixon
• Sammy Baca
• Rammy Issa
• Theotis Beasley
• Albert Madrid
• Kevin Henao
• Ramiro Salcedo

These two amazing teams are doing a great job and when you see skateboarders on ramps streets or parks you will know who are the Baker skateboarders. Their skateboards, accessories and clothes makes Baker skateboarders stand out in a crowd.

Baker skateboards are tough
and amazing and they are worth every penny you spend on them. Once you have bought a Baker skateboard, you will always be one of the Baker skateboarders for life. It is a life long relationship you will have with the Baker skateboard products. It becomes a part of your life and being one of Baker skateboarders means excitement, adventure and a great skateboarding experience. Once you are a Baker user, you will not even be interested in any other skateboarding product and that’s a promise.

When Baker skateboarders are dressed in Baker apparels, they definitely look outstanding and can also be part of the skateboarding crowd and have their own style statement too. From a distant you can distinctly make out that these are the Baker skateboarders. So all you people out there, who wish to buy a skateboard or some skateboard products, what are you waiting for, just go online order some amazing Baker products and enjoy the sport of skateboarding in Baker style.

Skateboarders like to look hip, urban and at the same time rebellious and no other company understands this better than the Baker Company. Their funky graphic designs on the skateboards and accessories are a big hit among all skateboarders. The Baker teams are doing an amazing job. If you have not yet tried a Baker skateboarding product, then do so now by placing your order online. You could use your debit card or credit card, there is no need to run to a sports shop for a skateboard, when you have a huge variety available to you from Baker and that too package delivered at your doorstep. If you want anything to do with skateboarding, remember it has to be only Baker.