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Baker Skateboard Wheels - Wheels Away
Estephen Dolano
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By Estephen Dolano
Published on 06/23/2009
Different types of skateboard wheels are available in the market these days Different skateboards use different sizes of wheels

Different types of skateboard wheels are available in the market these days. Different skateboards use different sizes of wheels. Small and hard skateboard wheels are available for skating on streets. For skateboard ramping or vert skateboarding we have other type of skateboard wheels. You have a third category of skateboard wheels just right for slalom racing. For longboard skateboarding, larger and smoother skateboard wheels are considered ideal. This type of wheels makes longboard skateboards suitable for transportation as well. Skateboard wheels can also be classified into three categories based on their size. Smaller wheels, for instance, have a diameter between 50 to 55 mm. The medium-sized wheels measure 56 to 60mm in diameter, while the diameter of larger ones is 60mm or more. Baker skateboard wheels are among the standard smaller wheels available. Most of its wheels have a durometer of 99.

Baker skateboard wheels are ideal for street skateboarding due to their small size. Beginners also use skateboards having smaller wheels.

Baker offers skateboard wheels under three categories, namely Reynolds, Kennedy and Team. Andrew Reynolds and Terry Kennedy have lent their name to the Reynolds and Kennedy models of Baker skateboard wheels, respectively. If you would like your skateboard wheels to carry the signature of either Andrew Reynolds or Terry Kennedy, then you should pick the signature series of Baker skateboard wheels. These wheels have a gray base with a black circle having the signature in red imprinted on them giving them a classy look. Some of the other Kennedy wheels have very cool designs. For instance, the fly society model has an airplane on it. These wheels would inspire you to imagine yourself flying off the ground once you have acquired greater expertise in the art of skateboarding. Reynolds category has both simple looking as well as stylish wheels. In this segment you will find the solid color, striped and the hypnotize models. If you want your Baker skateboard wheels to carry graphics of skeletons on them then go in for the Muertos model. Team category wheels are available in solid colors like red, blue, purple, black and green. If you are looking out for a cheetah logo on your wheels then there are wheels designed for you as well. Baker skateboard wheels may not be the ultimate name in skateboard wheels, but it offers you several alternatives to suit your basic needs. Moreover, this brand supplies good quality skateboard wheels at reasonable rates.

Youngsters can safely use skateboards with Baker skateboard wheels for performing simple tricks. So, if you are planning to buy quality wheels at a lower price then you can check out this brand and pick up the ones that match your skateboard. At some selected stores, you would even get the option of buying a single wheel rather than the entire set, consisting of four wheels. So, if you have broken one of your skateboard wheels and need to replace it, you can even buy a single wheel of this brand.