Freelance writing opportunities are on a rapid rise these days and one may think that is a crazy statement since newspapers and magazines are going out of business in record numbers.

The reason I say that freelance writing opportunities are on the rise is due to the sheer amount of content on the internet.

Think about the billions of websites and blogs online that require a constant feed of written content to keep visitors coming on a daily basis. This actually presents more opportunities in freelance writing than were ever available in the off line print world.

The key is finding legitimate opportunities that require writing work from freelance writers. There is actually more work out there than most people realize and the reason you cannot find it is because you have to weed through the maze of scams and junk.

Many online business owners and even bloggers these days rely on the skills of freelance writers to provide a daily stream of content to their sites and blogs.

The reason for this of course is because we have become and "instant society". The second a news story breaks or anything happens anywhere we want to know right now.

We also turn to the internet for information about a wide range of things we are interested in or want to learn.

Writers have to create all this content. Now maybe you can start to see there are an incredible amount
of opportunities for freelance writing and beyond writing for others you can use your skill or passion for writing to make money in tons of other ways.

A great way to start taking advantage of freelance writing opportunities is to find a group of online business owners or site designers that simply do not have the time or skill to write their site content.

You can simply perform the topic research and craft article content for those business owners on a pay per submission basis. This approach alone could keep a writer busy on a full time basis while earning a very nice income.

Blogging about any topics you desire and adding in some paid advertisments can bring in a nice part time income and even grow into a six figure business as has been the case for many who started out freelance writing.

You have to be careful because there are a ton of "online informercial" type programs that target those who are looking to get paid as writers with opportunities that are not so great.

Either they pay pennies and you will literally have to write 10-12 hours a day to equal even a low paying hourly wage or they are simply a waste of time.

Just remember there is an entire world of website and blogs out there. Someone has to provide the content that visitors come to read. This means an incredible amount for real and legitimate freelance writing opportunities for skilled writers as well as those who simply have a passion for writing.

It can be a awesome way to make a living.