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Matt Franks

Matt Franks is director of Fluid Branding, the UK's largest supplier of Promotional Coasters and Branded Items. For Eco Friendly promotional products, including Recycled, Organic and Sustainable items visit Eco Incentives.
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Promotional waiters knives are one of the simplest of ways to impress your clients and get your brand name out They work well in many settings

Whatever the conventions about separating religion and public life, even the most secular of businesses decorate for Christmas The traditional non-religious décor includes wreaths, garlands, alights, and of course, Christmas trees

Trolley bags are an indispensable item for contemporary travelers These are the bags that have extendable handles and are mounted on wheels for easy portability through airports, train stations, city streets and even college campuses

Running a business takes time, planning and lots of hard work All great corporations know the key to their success starts with the employees

Promotional trophies are an excellent tool that can be used to endorse your business in one of the best possible ways It’s a way to put your company’s name and logo out there for everyone to see while doing something good for others or by supporting important institutes in a unique and modern fashion

Are you searching for a practical and simple way to advertise your business Then consider promotional trousers and shorts as a means to get your name out on the streets

Designing Your Branded T Shirts

The branded T shirts are one of the most popular ways of using clothing as a means of advertising Your brand is something that only your company owns and has the right to use

Buy Bulk Printed T Shirts and Save

Printed t shirts are used as a promotional tool for all types of businesses large and small Using t shirts in this manner is a great way to reach thousands of consumers and get your name and logo into places that could never be reached by other means of advertising

Making the Most of Promotional t Shirts

How can you make the most of promotional t shirts Shirts, especially the popular t shirts, have been used for quite some time now in marketing

There are many promotional gifts to choose from, things that are practical, whimsical or unique and bear your name or logo But few of these gifts make a lasting difference in the world