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Sarah Freeman

Sarah Freeman is an attorney with manic-depressive illness and webmaster of Bipolar Lives - a leading Internet provider of information and resources to support education and consumer advice. To learn more see Applying for Bipolar Disability.

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Why Sarah Palin is Not Bipolar

In what has been a strikingly bitter and divisive US election campaign, one of the most distasteful forms of personal attack has been left-wing bloggers labeling VP candidate Sarah Palin as bipolar These commentators apparently believe it is possible to diagnose Governor Palin as a closet sufferer of manic-depressive illness, without ever having met her or going through a formal diagnostic process

New Scholarship For Leaders of Bipolar Lives

Many bipolar people are very talented but fail to reach their full potential By providing cash awards for students in higher education, scholarships for people with bipolar disorder give practical support to the bipolar community

Millions of Americans suffer from bipolar disorder and other mental health conditions that interfere with their ability to work However, it can be very hard win approval for bipolar disability benefits from the Social Security Administration, compared to a person who has an obvious physical disability