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Maxim Smirnov

Maxim Smirnov, Bolide Software CEO, All My Movies project manager. Read more about making your movie list
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Technology has always been created to make our lives easier, even when it seems to achieve the opposite result With DVD library software, for example, you can begin to increase your earning power, all because you have a 'partner' to help you with your DVD selling business

Though there will never be more minutes in the day than there are right now, you can do things to make your life a little less chaotic If you're someone who likes to collect books, music, or DVDs, you might find that your collections are getting out of hand, no matter what you try to do

All of us would like to have a little more time in our days, wouldn't we From the things we need to do for work to the things we need to do for kids and spouses, it seems there is never enough time to get it all done – or is there

Though you might never admit it to your friends or to your family, your children watch a lot of videos and DVDs It's not that you don’t want to spend time with them, but sometimes, you just need to do something else and a DVD can be an effective babysitter while you're in the other room

With all of the DVDs you now own, it seems like they're starting to take over your life Though you want to continue to collect the latest movies to watch them at home, it seems that you might be running out of room

Are You a TV Series Collection Junkie?

It was only a matter of time before your favorite TV series came to DVD And once they did, you got to jump back into your past and enjoy series that have been off the air for years

Are you a devoted booklover reading all the time and everywhere: in bed, while having dinner and going to work Does reading engage all you spare time

Once you take a digital picture, you probably look at the image on the view screen and then you promptly forget about the photo You might load the photos onto your computer or your phone, but over time, you begin to forget what you have, and where it is

While digital pictures used to be the tools of professional photographers alone, now digital cameras are in cellular phones and in the hands of businesses as well as families With these marvels of technology, people can now capture the moments of their lives or take pictures of structures that are important to their business life

While you might think a digital camera gives you better photographs, there is one problem with having the ability to take as many pictures as you life – you can end up with many files on your computer And when you have thousands of photos, you will have a difficult time hunting through the photos to find what you might need