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Matthew Kepnes

Matt finds the best tropical islands in the world and writes about them. He spends most of his days on the beach and in the water. His favorite beach activity is scuba diving and, while he loves most islands, his favorite are Ko Lipe, the Gili Islands, and Hawaii to name just a few. He loves the surfing on Bali the best.
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Havanese Dogs Are Great Family Pets

Havanese dogs are great pets because they are known to be very friendly and smart Despite being small in stature, havanese dogs are full of energy and always ready to entertain and play

Protecting Your Corn From Weeds

Weeds are often present in corn fields that are lacking in pre-emergence herbicide If weeds are present, it's likely that the cause could be attributed to weather constraints, and it is important to control weeds in order to protect the corn yields

Historical Site Conservation

How many times have we see interesting historical sites damaged by abandonment and misuse Each country needs to protect its historic locations

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When you buy a house you want to have a wonderful garden where children can play and you can sit back and unwind A garden is one place where we feel we are one with Nature and enjoy the small pleasures of life

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How to Feed Your Pet Turtle

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Feeding Pigs on the Farm

Pigs usually require nutritious feed regularly to be healthy, comfortable and satisfied A diet that is has plenty of energy (corn), low fiber (cellulose) and supplemented with lots of protein is considered ideal and healthy to allow your pig to grow as desired

Beagle Training Tips

Every person I know simply loves a Beagle when they see one in their daily lives True, Beagles are always very cute with their expectant eyes and friendly attitude

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Everyone needs a credit card There are several types of credit cards for travelers