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Sohail Inayatullah

Sohail Inayatullah is a futurist and political scientist based in Australia. You can read more of his articles at his website http://www.metafuture.org , where you will also find a longer version of this article with notes and references.

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While there is a great deal of bad, indeed, horrendous, news in the world - global warming, terrorism, the global financial crisis, water shortages, worsening inequity - there are also signs of positive change GENOMICS First, in genomics, the revolution of tailoring health advice has begun

Five Futures For Pakistan

In this essay, I outline Five futures for Pakistan: (1) the Pendulum continues forever, (2) Collapse, (3) Joining Chindia, (4) the Great Game, and (5) a South Asian Confederation The most familiar and likely are based on the pendulum of rule by the military and rule by landlord/politicians