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Unless you set aside time to go hiking in a nearby state or national park, living in Los Angeles can make you feel drained and desperate for a little tête-à-tête with nature The annual Topanga Canyon Earth Festival is a community resource for people in the Los Angeles metropolitan area looking to enjoy the outdoors and get tips on how to improve their lifestyles, energy levels, and health

Los Angeles Marathon Moved to Memorial Day

Like many of the other major marathons, the Los Angeles event has always been held on a Sunday However, some religious leaders were unhappy with the marathon scheduling

Los Angeles Restaurant Takes Twitter by Storm

In Los Angeles, it’s not enough to buy space, hire a chef, call yourself a restaurant, and hope that the foodie masses will show up to eat whatever trendy fusion cuisine you’re offering up as the next best thing Mix into this recipe, however, mobile-capabilities that make for citywide accessibility of said cuisine and the latest in viral technology with which to announce your ‘restaurant’s’ forever-changing location, and the resultant concoction might just be elusive and exclusive enough to capture the imagination of even the most jaded Angelenos

After bidding adieu to the Bush era, many parents and concerned citizens experience lingering indignation toward the ineffectualness of the No Child Left Behind Act Fortunately, institutions like Teach for America target twenty-nine urban and rural areas where educational inequality has hit the hardest