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    So after weighing all the options, plans, and ideas, you’ve decided that the next thing you need to complete your garden is the good old fashioned garden bridge You’ve built your entire landscaping method around adding a bridge to your backyard, and only fate will keep you from incorporating this into your outdoor paradise

    A weed eater is a great tool for trimming hard to reach areas on your lawn Learn more about this wonderful garden equipment

    The Basics of Bermuda Grass

    The most popular grass in the world is the Bermuda There are many advantages in growing Bermuda grass

    Fascinating Facts About Bermuda Grass

    A Bermuda grass in your lawns is very appealing in many ways This type of grass reproduces through different seeds and they are also common in cemeteries

    Ten Shade Perennials for the Mid South

    Do you have shade and think you can't grow a thing there Think again

    Contemporary Landscape Architecture

    Contemporary landscape architecture is characterized by a subjective determination to sculpt the landscape into spaces that reflect the human living experience It develops these spaces with respect to Nature, and in some way or another always works to create a relationship between architecture and the contemporary landscape

    Garden Arch

    A type of garden structure, a garden arch helps turn a mundane garden into a masterpiece It is one of the ways a homeowner-gardener expresses a belief that their living environment includes the sum total of their property—not just the four walls of the house

    Garden Design Plans

    Garden design plans are best developed with the help of a professional landscaping contractor with formal training in botany and landscape architecture Gardens are key components to any yard and contribute much more than color and greenery to the aesthetic of your home and your landscape

    Professional Landscape Service

    Regardless of whether it is a dramatic modern landscape design or english landscaping, a well-planned, well-maintained property says something about the owner The well thought-out landscape plan and profession landscape service conveys a message about who you are and can make the property stand out among all the others on the street

    Front Yard Landscaping

    Lots of all sizes look much better when portions of the front yard are differentiated with a number of individual landscaping design methods Entrances, transit areas, gardens, and seating areas all represent highly individualized elements that a professional landscaper will create and unify with linear progression and repeated aesthetic themes

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