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    Finding Both Crude and Tasteless Humor

    There's a wide range of humor out there, and regardless of who you are, there is a lot to appreciate That being said, one of the most universally appealing forms of humor has to be rude and crude humor

    Parking Lot Personas

    The parking lot is, statistically, one of the most dangerous places to both walk and drive in America Yet, many people are still forced to make use of parking lots on a regular, sometimes daily basis

    The Saga of the Automobile and Burma-Shave

    Prior to 1925, the Burma-Vita Company, owned by Clinton Odell, was marketing a liniment concocted from ingredients imported from the Malay Peninsula and Burma However, sales were few and the company decided to switch to a product with more demand

    Humour And Jokes For Healthy Life

    Humour and jokes is not only relieving stress, but also enrich your life and keeps you in touch with friends and family The fluctuation of emotional state, low blood sugar, heart disease, overactive thyroid and is also considered by science to some effects of stress

    Hiring a Keynote Speaker

    Most businesses and organizations hire a keynote speaker to deliver a fresh view point Their purpose is to encourage a sense of team work and breathe new life into a business

    Hello, Most people have a hard time making people laugh… Doing Stand-Up Comedy is very hard and take a lot of practice to become good But you probably don’t want to be a Stand-Up Comic, but you do want to Make A Lot Of Money and Have Fun doing it…Right

    It's still freezing outdoors but you're already dreaming of your summer garden wedding You have installed your outdoor surveillance cameras to boost your wedding videos and you can't wait to catch all the fun but more than recording the merry-making your cameras can alert you to impending disasters

    Best April Fool's Day Pranks Online For 2009

    It's not too early to start The best pranksters know that preparation is key to a successful prank

    The Santa Suit - Fighting Against Gas Fireplaces

    When the news broke late last week that North Pole Incorporated, (NYSE: NPLI) was filing suit against most of the world's gas fireplace manufacturers, the shock was palpable With Christmas just around the corner, this debate about fireplaces has taken the world by storm

    George Bernard Shaw once said, “The problem with political jokes is that they get elected” Well, at least there are a lot of material for political humor

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