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Short Stories

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    In Hot Water

    I was a 30-year-old journalist, who, like many professional scribes in the current market, found myself out of a job Freelance work in San Diego was keeping me busy, but wasn’t quite paying the bills

    The story is a true one that had happened to me, I swear I want to let all know and think again that what is real love

    The History of Christmas Greeting Cards

    Despite the fact that Christmas has been widely celebrated since the birth of Jesus Christ, the first identified use of any Christmas greeting was through an informal letter written by an English admiral in way back in 1699 The same expression was reflected in the first Christmas greeting card, printed in the 19th century in England

    The Legends of Christmas Flowers

    Special days like Christmas should be well-adorn by beautiful and fragrant flowers of every kind and color There are a lot of florists who do custom-made flower arrangements for all occasions

    Aside from being the most commonly distinguished holiday flower of all, the Christmas poinsettia is also the most famous Christmas potted plant, with thousands being sold all over the United Kingdom and the United States annually Famous for its name as "the Christmas flower," "the lobster flower," or "the Mexican flame leaf," the poinsettia has a quite colorful history way back to the ancient Aztec people who considered the plant as a mark of purity

    Tweety a Connoisseur of Rock-And-Roll

    I will never forget the first time my little sky blue Parakeet, Tweety, heard the song, "Stairway To Heaven" The year was 1974 when Led Zeppelin first released; "Stairway To Heaven", I was a young married, 23 years old, and usually had the stereo on loud every morning in our rented house after my husband went to work

    There's Someone in the House

    I was sound asleep at 6: 30 in the morning, May 20, 2002, when I heard a voice in my right ear The voice was calm and spoke clearly, "There's someone in the house

    The Timeless Gift Of Christmas Classics

    Searching through the attic, I was scavenging through an immovable box of Christmas decors looking for the pretty and sparkling ornaments from years gone by, when, in the midst of the pile I stumble across "the book" As soon as I saw it a smile crossed my lips

    Classics For Kids on Christmas Holidays

    Reading should always be an integral part of growing up It should always start in the home and parents should provide them with optimism to continue enhancing their reading and comprehension skills even until they are already grown up

    A Special Christmas With Grandma

    Christmas holiday allow us to spend time with our children and make up for the times when they needed our presence yet we weren’t there when they needed us most Aside from the usual tradition of celebrating Christmas with our families, there will be times when kids would want to hear a new Christmas story from us

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