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    As the saying goes ‘marry in May and you will romance the day’ It’s easy to make romance your theme with a beautiful and dreamy wedding

    Birthdays are meant to be enjoyed by all But sometimes games and activities that are enjoyed by kids aren’t necessarily enjoyed with the same élan as the grown ups

    Most of us spend a lot of time in our office but we neglect to think about the eco-friendliness of it Offices consume a lot of energy and generate a lot of waste

    Tips on Presenting Gifts For Groomsmen

    The first thing that comes in your mind after witnessing a successful wedding is “ oh yes, that was another amazing project by the a professional wedding planner' Yes, it could be an output of a professional wedding planner, but one thing is for sure, he or she can't do it all alone

    Adorable Green Wedding Favor Ideas

    For an environmental-friendly couple, a garden themed wedding is probably an excellent wedding suggestion To clearly show off a breathtaking appeal on your garden wedding, choose adorable green wedding favors

    July is the most patriotic month of the year Your July wedding can borrow from these themes and colors and make your reception a 4th of July wedding to remember

    Not only is September time to go back to school but it can be a great time to get married The too-hot days of summer have passed and you’re left with warm afternoons and cool evenings, perfect for your wedding reception

    The peak of the summer months can be a great time to celebrate your birthday The weather is warm until late in the evening giving all party goers extra time to enjoy the outdoors at a fun birthday party

    While August is getting closer to the end of the warm summer months, you can still take advantage of the warm summer weather for your August birthday Plan some fun activities to get kids and adults enjoying the weather for what could be the last time before school starts

    Lithium Batteries Are Safe The word Battery has a negative reputation of being bad for the environment and to humans

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